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Routine Physicals & Immunizations

Taking kids for regular medical check-ups is absolutely mandatory for their general well-being and to ensure that proper growth and development is taking place. Well-child checkups, as they are often termed, should be scheduled regularly and are more frequent during the first year of a child’s life. As per the American Academy of Pediatrics, a child requires a minimum of 9 doctor’s visits in the first 3 years of his or her life.

Immunizations are the most effective means of making a body resistant or immune to an infectious disease. There are several immunizations that are required for your child to maintain optimal health. In most cases, infant immunization begins at three months.

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Immunization Chart

Newborn Care

Did you know that newborns should have a total of three checkups within the first month? In addition, most hospitals require you to have an appointment scheduled for your newborn before being released. These visits are crucial in monitoring general newborn health and weight, and administering proper vaccinations. At Pediatric Partners, we understand the new bond between baby and family and we will demonstrate the upmost concern in caring for you new bundle of joy.

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Sports & Camp Physicals

Sports and camps are a great way for kids to stay in shape but before they can suit up, they may be required to have a PPE, or a pre-participation physical examination. Most athletic organizations and school districts across the country require physicals in order to ensure safety.

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Sick Visits

Getting sick is part of being a kid but, as parents, you still worry. What if it is something serious? What if it gets worse? Is it contagious? What should I do or not do? These questions are not uncommon. However, with experience and a little help from your pediatrician, you will learn to recognize the symptoms of common childhood diseases, as well as how to distinguish between non-infectious and infectious diseases.

Asthma Treatment & Care

Children’s asthma attacks the respiratory system, causing the airways to swell and narrow. It is the leading cause of school absences, doctor’s visits and hospital stays for children. While there is no effective cure for asthma, asthma treatment strategies aim to help manage the condition and ease breathing.

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Healthy Habits Program

It’s no secret that obesity is a major contributing risk factor to the diagnosis of life-threatening, chronic diseases. In fact, the major causes of death for residents in Polk County are such chronic diseases like heart disease and diabetes. According to the Florida Department of Health, over half of adults and nearly 30% of middle and high school students are overweight or obese in Polk County. From this, we recognize that childhood obesity, although too prevalent, is preventable; and if obesity is preventable, than so are the chronic diseases claiming too many lives in Polk County, Florida.

Our Healthy Habits program is driven by our desire to help change the facts on childhood obesity. To accomplish this, we’re partnering with the Florida Department of Health with the common goal of promoting healthy habits by spreading awareness of childhood obesity! This starts with helping our little patients (and their families) to grow up healthy via the Healthy Habits program.

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