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Children’s asthma attacks the respiratory system, causing the airways to swell and narrow. It is the leading cause of school absences, doctor’s visits and hospital stays for children. Kids who suffer from this disease typically breathe normally, until they come in contact with certain substances that can trigger ¬†an attack.

Common symptoms of children’s asthma include difficulty breathing, rapid breathing, shortness of breath even when at rest, a tightness of the chest, and a persistent cough, especially at night. Parents also need to keep an eye out for these associated symptoms: bluish color to lips and face, severe level of anxiety because of difficulty breathing, rapid pulse, sweating and a decreased level of alertness.

While there is no effective cure for asthma, our asthma treatment strategies aim to help manage the condition and ease breathing. During early childhood, our treatments are usually restricted to regular testing of lung function, followed by breathing treatments with bronchiodilators if needed.

At Pediatric Partners, children and parents are taught how to use an asthma inhaler for immediate symptoms.

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